Cheap Bike Reflectors and Bike Lights

Hi Tumblr,

I’m a Co-Founder of a cycling group at my university in Ontario, Canada. We’re hoping to get over 2000 reflectors for incoming undergraduate students and also hold a bike repair stand and free bike light give away for students who need it.

I was wondering if anyone might know of any groups that might be able to give us a discount on a bulk order?

I’ve already contacted Planet Bike to see if they’ll be able to help out. For lights, we’re looking for something that’s simple and cheap, such as this LED turtle light.

Please share this around so folks can see it! Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I’m putting a question mark here so people can answer?

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  3. twowheelsonegoal answered: try cateye, my university team had a bulk priced deal through them at one point
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