Ontario shows us we should support our teachers, not shame them

This is pretty interesting. I feel like a lot of the times in Canada, we look to continental Europe (Scandinavia as the Holy Grail) and their reform policies as a guiding idea. It’s interesting that Ontario’s education reforms is being featured in the UK.

Ontario learned from some of the 1997 English Labour government’s successes (when standards mattered more than structures), while being less prescriptive and recognising that support rather than punishment was a better way to tackle schools that were not improving fast enough.

Also, very interestingly — which I didn’t even know about — is the positive campaign:

Public statements from government and ministers were switched to be deliberately supportive rather than dismissive of state schools. Finally, and most crucially, the government set out to build a respectful, collaborative relationship with teachers, unions, pupils and parents. “You cannot threaten, shame or punish people into top performance,” writes Levin.